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You can find the bill template here: RHABillOutline-2021-2022

Who can receive funding?

Residence Hall Association is responsible for allocating funds for programs and events which benefit residence hall students. Resident Assistants (RA’s), Inclusive Community Assistants (ICA’s), hall councils, and Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) are eligible for funding. RHA focuses on programmatic themes that include, but are not limited to: community development, social events, educational initiatives, diversity/social justice/inclusion, sustainability, and residence hall improvements. Please follow the steps below to request funds.

When can they receive funding?

Requests for funding must be submitted to the RHA email account by 7 PM on Sunday before the meeting in which they are to undergo their first reading.

  • Funding Requests for Senate are also due at least four weeks before the date of the event, but it is preferred that there are 6 weeks between the program and the request submitted.
  • Funding Requests under $800 may be submitted three weeks before the date of the event.
  • Any requests that require CSU Motorpool must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event in order for paperwork to be processed in time.

All Funding Requests must then be tabled for a week so that the senators can consult their hall councils on the request to vote at next week’s meeting.

If the total requested funding is below $599, it will be subject to approval by the RHA Funding Board rather than the entire Senate. Funding requests subject to approval by Funding Board will be voted on the same Monday as First Reading.

After RHA approves funding, the organization must submit a Financial Request to SLiCE for a P-Card, and an additional 72 hours will be required for processing before funds are available. Funds will be made available to you by the Friday following approval, please plan the time of your Funding Request submission accordingly.

Mitigation Plans

In order to keep students safe, any events that include in-person components must also have a mitigation plan in place. If the event is funded by the Hall Council budget, the mitigation plan should be sent to the hall’s Assistant Residence Director/Hall Council Advisor. If the event is planned by a Resident Assistant and funded by RHA, the mitigation plan should be submitted to RHA along with the bill to be passed along to Tyler Alvarado ( If the event is planned and funded by RHA, the mitigation plan should be brought to the meeting to be passed along to Tyler Alvarado (

A copy of the Mitigation Plan template can be found below.

Mitigation Plan Template

How can they receive funding?

Funding Requests for the 2020-2021 academic year will be evaluated starting September 21st, and continuing through the remainder of the spring semester or until funds run out.

Complete the steps below to receive funding from RHA.

According to the RHA Constitution and Bylaws, Article XIV Section 5a:

RHA will evaluate Funding Request proposals by the following criteria, in no specific order. The inability to adhere to the below criteria could potentially impact the amount of funding received.

  1. The organization shows the ability to plan and effectively deliver their services.
  2. The program has a direct impact on the educational, professional, and leadership development of the residents.
  3. The program promotes one or more of the residence life Residential Curriculum learning goals: Connections, Awareness, Thriving, and Learning.
  4. The activity and program is open to all those who live in the residence halls regardless of race, age, disability, religion, national origin/ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and genetic information.
  5. Funding is not used solely for the purpose of benefiting student staff members without a direct impact on fee-paying residents.

All requests for funding must come in the form of a Funding Request and budget. You’ll need to download the file, edit the information (italicized information is inserted as an example and is meant to be deleted as you insert your information), and then submit the completed form to the RHA President for review.

The Funding Request form should be emailed to the RHA President If your Funding Request is less than $599 it should also be emailed to the Director of Finance because it will be seen by the Funding Board, not the Senate.

After you’ve submitted your request form, the RHA President or Director of Finance will work with you to make sure your forms are completed accurately. If corrections must be made, the corrected form must be received by the date specified by the RHA President or Director of Finance. Once the forms are complete, the RHA President or Director of Finance will send you a confirmation email with a day, time, and place to present your bill to the RHA Senate or Funding Board.

After submitting a request for funding form, the President will send you a confirmation email with the date, time, and location of your presentation to the RHA Senate or Funding Board. Presentations are intended to give authors time to elaborate on their request as well as answer questions proposed by RHA Senators. Presentations should last about five minutes in length followed by ten minutes of questions and answers and do not need to include a visual aid.

If your request for funding is approved, you will be contacted by the Director of Finance with information on how to receive your funding.

Organizations or individuals working within Residence Life that recieve funding from RHA will be required to turn in a Post-Program Evaluation (PPE) form. PPE forms can be submitted via SharePoint. If an organization or individual works outside of Residence Life, a Post-Program Evaluation may be provided by email or printed copy by the Director of Finance after you’re approved for funding.

PPE forms must be submitted by email to the Director of Finance or  shared via SharePoint with Residence Hall Association within two weeks (14 days) after the funded program occurs.

Failure to complete the PPE form will disqualify the individual and organization from receiving funding from RHA for the rest of the Academic Year.