Aggie Points

What Are They?

Aggie points are an award system used to encourage halls to show school, hall, and community pride. Aggie points are awarded for completing items like attending RHA and NRHH general body meetings, submitting photos of events and programs, even writing Of the Month (OTMs) awards and more. Ultimately these Aggie Points lead to winning the Aggie Trophy, which is announced at the Residence Life Recognition Night at the end of spring semester. To see a full list of the Aggie Points possible, please look in the SLP Leadership handbook under the Aggie Points section.

*Aggie: (n) – an agricultural school or college; also: a student at such an institution (Merriam-Webster)

For 62 years there was an ‘Aggie Era’ of mascots before Colorado State University ‘officially’ adopted the Ram as their mascot.

**Aggie Points are loosely adapted from UNC paw points.