At CSU, RHA and NRHH participate in three (3) annual conferences hosted by IACURH and NACURH. IACURH is the Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls which is CSU’s regional affiliate of NACURH ( NACURH is the National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls and is composed of eight regional affiliates and two corporate offices (

This year the IACURH leadership conference is at the University of New Mexico, from November 3rd through November 6th. This weekend long conference is an opportunity for schools from the states within the region of IACURH to network, present programs and recognizes the achievements they have made throughout the first portion of the year. The delegation for IACURH is selected by the NACURH Communications Coordinator (NCC) in the fall. The application for IACURH will open on September 12th on this link here.

Regional Business Conference (RBC) is the annual business meeting hosted by the IACURH region. This year’s RBC will be held at Boise State University in Feburary. At this business meeting, members from states within the region of IACURH will vote on pertinent legislation, elect the new leadership for IACURH and select the regional award nominees for the NACURH conference. Only the NACURH Communications Coordinator, NACURH Communications Coordinator In-Training (when able), RHA President, NRHH President, and Advisors attend this conference.

This year the NACURH conference will be held at Arizona State University in May. The NACURH conference gathers schools from across the globe to recognize great accomplishments achieved throughout the year, as well as network, gain programming ideas and display school spirit!

For more information on how to attend any of the conferences, contact George Sanchez, the NACURH Communications Coordinator for RHA.


Fall Hall Retreat

Fall Hall is the opening retreat for the Student Leadership Programs (RHA,NRHH, and hall councils) year. This weekend retreat is held at CSU’s Mountain Campus.  All residents involved in the Student Leadership Programs (SLP) attend this retreat to learn about the leadership roles within the residence halls, as well as to participate in leadership and teambuilding activities. This year the Fall Hall retreat will be held on September 16th-18th.

Spring Leadership Retreat

The Spring Leadership Retreat is a one day retreat held on the CSU campus. Residents involved in SLP will attend this retreat to network with one another, gain programming ideas and further develop their own skills as leaders, as well as be informed of the semester’s upcoming events for SLP. This year the Spring Leadership Retreat will be held in January.