RHA has done a lot of amazing things throughout the years, and those accomplishments should be recognized.

RHA was founded at CSU in 1965, where members arranged programs for residents to be a part of to bring everyone on campus closer together. RHA followed that same method of programming for a while before they began to think about the impact that programs really could have on the residents on campus. So, RHA began to make programs that focused on advocating for the current issues around them.

It was a few years later that RHA decided to spread it’s knowledge and impact on the CSU community by making new organizations within each of the residence halls to have more student lead groups that help to spread positive messages to the rest of campus. Those organizations were known as Hall Councils, and they were all lead by advisers and liaisons from either RHA or NRHH.

The first year that Hall Councils had liaisons from either RHA or NRHH was 2013. All new members began to think of ways that they could spread the word about the wonderful things at CSU and everything else wonderful happening around them, including RHA and NRHH.

RHA’s cabinet has had a lot of changes over the years, but their main goal has had the same motive throughout it’s time: present the students living in the residence halls with a welcoming community full of diverse and accepting individuals that spread positive messages to all of campus.