Logan McGrew


Logan McGrew (he/him/his) is the chief representative of anything RHA related. Logan works closely with RHA’s sister organization, NRHH, and their president as co-chair of Residential Leadership Programs (RLP). His job as president consists mostly of serving as a bridge piece between organizations throughout the higher levels of CSU housing staff.

This is Logan’s third year in RLP. He has previously served as a RHA Senator and the Director of Outreach & Events for RHA. One thing Logan wants to accomplish this year is working on making RLP more recognizable throughout campus.

On his free time, Logan likes to commit to anything related to the outdoors. He likes to snowboarding, longboarding, and rock climbing.

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Alex Yohe

Director of Advocacy and Administration

Alex Yohe (he/him/his) has a multifaceted role: he spreads information about RHA to residents, staff, and other CSU organizations to teach them about what RHA can do. Alex also upholds administrative duties. These duties include taking minutes for meetings, keeping records of attendance, and updating the archive. 

This is Alex’s third year in RLP and his second year as DAA. Alex wants to help his Hall Council utilize their resources to organize events and provide residents with things they need. External to RLP, Alex serves on the MECH Executive Board, CSU Zero Waste Team and is a tutor at the AAC on campus. Alex also serves as RLP Liaison for Academic Village.

Alex is studying mechanical engineering and would like to eventually own a business. On his free time, Alex likes to hike, camp, listen to music, and fix old rap lyrics on Genius. 

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Trey Wagnon

Director of Finance

Trey Wagon

Trey (he/him/his) serves as the Director of Finance for the Residence Hall Association. In this role, he manages the finances of the organization and holds weekly meetings with senate members to pass smaller bills in order to better residents’ experiences. 

Trey is a third year economics major that plans to go to law school shortly after attending CSU. He is also involved with many activities here at CSU including, Outpost student group, Moss club, and plays many intramural sports. In his free time Trey likes playing board games, hanging with friends and spending time with his dog. Trey also serves as the RLP Liaison for Summit Hall.

He is originally from Arkansas but has lived in Colorado for four years.

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JC Ramirez

Director of Residential Development

JC (he/him/his) serves as the Director of Residential Development for the Residence Hall Association. His role is to plan events such as the fall retreat, spring retreat, and end of the year banquet. He also gives presentations that are specific to the development of leadership and being a successful student.

JC is a second-year student studying Business Administration. JC serves as the RLP Liaison for both Ingersoll and Edwards Hall.

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Cierra Wells

Director of Residential Outreach and Events

Cierra (she/her/hers) is the Director of Residential Outreach and Events of the Residence Hall Association. Her position is to help enhance students’ CSU experience through RLP with events and other services. She also has a vital role in making sure that parliamentary procedure is carried on throughout each senate meeting. 

Cierra is studying Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and has a concentration in Wildlife Biology. Although this is her first year being involved in RLP, she hopes to help residents reconnect and build a sense of community that they might have missed last year. Cierra also serves as the RLP Liaison for Towers.

In her free time, Cierra likes to read. Her favorite genre is fantasy, but she often strays to science fiction.

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Ali Ambriz

Director of Marketing and Promotions

Ali (she/her/hers) serves as the Director of Marketing and Promotions of the Residence Hall Association. In this role, she develops marketing strategies and materials for different programs and events put on by the Residential Leadership Programs. She also manages and maintains the website and social media, creates the RHA newsletter, and is co-chair of the marketing committee.

She is a second year student studying Bioengineering. This is Ali’s second year being involved in RLP; she previously served as a RHA Senator for Braiden Hall. One of Ali’s goals this year is to help spread information about RLP and recruit as many new people as possible. 

Ali is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she loves to eat anything with green chile on it. External to RLP, Ali serves as the Outreach & Communications Coordinator on the First-Gen Student Collective Advisory Board for the Academic Advancement Center. On her free time, Ali likes to watch anime, paint, thrift, and facetime her dogs back home. Ali also serves as the RLP Liaison for Corbett Hall.

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Carson Black

National Communications Coordinator

Carson (he/him/his) is the National Communications Coordinator of the Residence Hall Association. Carson’s main role as the NCC is to be a representative of CSU at the regional and national level. He organizes delegations of students to attend conferences, writes bids for regional and national recognition, and serves on various committees and task forces. 

Carson is a second-year double majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in supply chain management and Political Science with a concentration in American government, law, and policy. After graduation, he plans on working in the business world. Carson also serves as the RLP Liaison for Braiden Hall. 

This is his second year involved in RLP; he served as Hall Council President for Braiden Hall last year. One goal he has for this year is to bounce back from the tough year that COVID brought upon CSU students. In his free time, Carson likes to read, bake bread, and hang out with friends and family.

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Frank Argumedo

RLP Advisor, Coordinator of Student Engagement for University Housing

Frank (he/him/his) is the Coordinator of Student Engagement for University Housing. He also Advises RLP

Frank’s hometown is Anaheim, CA, but spent most of his teenage years in Riverside, CA. Frank served in the Marine Corps Infantry for 4 years. Frank attended the University of Arizona for his undergrad majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. He later then attened Arizona State University for his master’s degree is Higher and Post-Secondary Education.  Some activities Frank enjoys are running, Muay Thai, watching sports and meditating.

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