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Our Purpose

The primary mission of Residence Hall Association is to foster a sense of community in the residence halls by funding a variety of social, educational, and advocacy programs, along with representing residents’ voices in Housing and Dining Services and other large on-campus organizations.

A secondary function of Residence Hall Association is to develop personal and leadership skills. Residents seeking to get involved on CSU’s campus can attend their respective weekly hall council meetings to voice their opinions on upcoming programs, bring issues of concern to their hall leaders, or join their hall council cabinet to impact the greater community.

Our meetings–held at 7 p.m. every Monday night in the ASCSU Senate Chambers of the Lory Student Center–are open to everyone, and anyone is free to drop in on our office hours to speak to a cabinet member or senator. If you want to connect with us via email, phone, Facebook, or fill out the contact form on our website, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

RHA Cabinet

Logan McGrew

Contact at HDS_rha_president@Mail.Colostate.edu

Trey Wagon

Trey Wagon

Director of Finance
Contact at HDS_rha_finance@Mail.colostate.edu

Ali Ambriz

Director of Marketing and Promotions
Contact at HDS_rha_marketing_promotions@Mail.Colostate.edu

Cierra Wells

Director of Residential Outreach and Programs
Contact at HDS_rha_residential_programming@Mail.Colostate.edu

Alex Yohe

Director of Advocacy and Administration
Contact at HDS_rha_advocacy_administration@mail.colostate.edu

JC Ramirez

Director of Residential Development
Contact at HDS_rha_residential_development@Mail.Colostate.edu

Carson Black

National Communications Coordinator
Contact at HDS_rha_NCC@mail.colostate.edu

Tyler Alvarado

Contact at Tyler.Alvarado2@@colostate.edy