Our committees are designed help our members gather and work together on making our organization the best it can be. Our committees work to serve our entire Residence Hall Community, to help make CSU feel more like home.

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Funding Board

The funding board is made up of one senator representing each hall council and meets at 6 PM on Mondays in the LSC before the RHA senate meeting every week. This board is dedicated to handling bills (funding requests) under $800, the rest of which are handled during the senate meeting. Bill authors that submit bills to funding board are expected to attend the meeting and present their bill. Unlike bills over $800, the bills handled in funding board are allowed to be voted on during the meeting in which they are presented and discussed.

Event Planning Committee

This committee creates programs and events for residents to meet each other and enjoy their time within the residential community at CSU. This committee holds various events and programs that appeal to the diverse student population in the residence halls. Committee members even get to create their own programs and events for residents, all funded by the RHA. By creating these programs, this committee hopes to create a more welcoming and connected community on campus.

Marketing and Promotions Committee

The Marketing and Promotions committee is facilitated by RHA Marketing and Promotions Director Kenneth Rathmann. This committee is responsible for connecting students with resources and programs available to them through various media platforms and promotional materials. Members of this committee manage RHA’s multiple media outlets, design and implement promotional materials across campus, and work closely with other student organizations to co-promote campus programs and organizational opportunities.

Outreach Committee

In Outreach committee, our goal is to listen and obtain student voice so we can effectively advocate for them. Through surveys, town hall forums, and more, we can hear what the students think of the residents halls and help pass those opinions along.

Residential Development Committee

This committee is facilitated by the Director of Residential Development, Kait Evensen, and focuses on the community building and individual development aspects within the organization. Recognition and internal programming are just a couple of projects this committee works on.