Academic Village Hall Council meets Thursday evenings at 7pm in the Aspen Hall Conference Room


Allison Hall Council, also known as S.W.A.T. (Students Working in Allison Together) will meet on Sunday evenings at 7pm in the Allison lobby.


Braiden Hall Council meets Tuesday evenings at 6pm in the Braiden lobby.


Corbett Hall Council, or EPIC (Event Programming In Corbett), meets Sunday evenings at 8:30pm in the Corbett Lounge.


Edwards Hall Council meets Thursday evenings at 7pm in Edwards Conference Room 8 (E-08)


Ingersoll Hall Council meets Thursday evenings at 7:30pm in the Ingersoll Lobby


Laurel Village Hall Council meets Wednesday evenings at 5pm in the Pavilion Seminar Room

Newsom Hall Council, or the Department of Newsom Affairs (DNA), holds cabinet meetings each Wednesday at 5pm in the Newsom Event Center, and General Body meetings are held the second and last Wednesday of each month at 6pm in the Newsom Event Center.


Parmellee Hall Council meets Tuesday evenings at 6pm in the basement study room.


The Hall Council for Durward and Westfall, known as iLead, meets Thursday evenings at 6pm in the Durrell Center.

Summit Hall Council meets Sunday evenings at 8:05pm in the Summit Conference Room


Hall councils represent the student leadership within the residence halls. Each hall has its own hall council with Durward and Westfall joined in one council that serves the entire Towers Community and all halls within Academic Village serving on one council for the entire AV complex, as well as all halls within Laurel Village serving on one council for the entire LV complex.
Comprised of student leaders, hall councils work to create a community within the residence halls by planning engaging programs for residents to participate in. These councils also serve as the voice of their represented hall(s) by presenting the concerns of the residents of said hall(s) to the Residence Hall Association.

Serving on a hall council is an opportunity exclusively offered to students living within the residence halls and provides a unique leadership opportunity within a community that is comprised of mostly first year students. There are also many leadership development opportunities offered to Hall Council members throughout the year, such as the fall retreat to CSU’s Mountain Campus.
Senators are elected positions in each hall council that represent the residents of their hall(s) in RHA. Each hall is allowed a set number of senate seats based on the size of the residence hall(s) they represent. The senators meet at the weekly RHA Senate meetings to vote on bills presented from organizations from across CSU, hall councils and resident assistants. A full description of the senator position can be found in the RHA constitution.
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